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the last version not found on firefox

zeox 5 years ago • updated by greatapo 5 years ago 1

Batch command: a list of actions to do in succession, after the normal waiting time.

Danus 2 years ago • updated by greatapo 2 years ago 4

I am not talking about interfearing with the game waiting time. Not at all. Just to create a list of commands to be executed in succession, when they are possible (in 5, 7 or 15 minutes or whenever). Examples:

-to go back to work

-to attack the first one in the list in Arena Provinciarum

-to choose a precise mission ( "defeat the boss of this territory...") or to ask for new missions


I know it is perfectly possible, but could you do it?

Thank you!

greatapo 2 years ago

In this case, Right or Wrong is up to Gameforge to decide. They said the simulator gives an advantage, they will definatly descibe this as a bot.