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GCA 3.0.8 bugs

Michal Varga 6 years ago • updated by greatapo 5 years ago 22
1 day free premium keys not working - tryed google chrome and firefox, many keys..clearing browser cache blabla..nothing works..previously worked. Tryed both keys from old site and from new one

In firefox version, instead of expiration of packages there is - Undefined_Locale[OPTIONS_PACKAGES_EXPIRED_PACKAGES]Undefined_Locale[OPTIONS_PACKAGES_EXPIRED_HOURS]

Function to search players without guild dont work too, and there is same bug, undefined__blabla..

Packages Gold Counter: default values where changed to 'All Pages' and 'Calculate item values'  - no change, default is still the same - calculate gold.. highscroe is bugged, when you choose other rank atribute like charisma you get back to main page

Simulator button ingame not working still

greatapo 5 years ago
Thank you very much for your bug report!
I have a lot of work to do and no time. I wil try to fix these all.

Update v 2.7.1

HaMiWi 2 years ago • updated by DarkThanos 2 years ago 4

Today version 2.7.1 was released.

Now works, Auction settings:
Auto-fill gold amount no longer.

new bug 2.7.0 in game version

Brabus 2 years ago • updated by greatapo 2 years ago 5

Hi, this is a new bug in game :

please fix it, if you can.



GCA 3.2.2

Jä Nes 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 5

Auction House has not narrowed lvls with a 2 lvl step


Idea: Smelter timer

SebaOWNS 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 2

There's a merchant timer, auction timer, pantheon timer

can you add a smelter time so i don't have to check my smelting process every 15 minutes cuz I forget how long it takes

my idea is have it be something like auction timer or time from last attack thingy


"Display cancel all packets button" this button does not work

ruca87 3 years ago • updated by vydaskojala 3 years ago 2

this button does not work


OMG Another version up - Gladiatus 2.1.2

MaiSempre MaiSempre 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 2

Version up continue... now we are at Gladiatus 2.1.2 and GCA 3.1.4 don't work.

Some others bug correct... This is not the end, i beleave... :(

Under review

GCA for phone?

ma4oka 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 2

Why dont you guys make an GCA app? :) Im playing like 80% of my time on my phone, because of my job. If there is an app or if the extension is somewhat enabled for phone devices it would be great :)


GCA highscore is bugged

elitehaunter 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 1

There are a lot of blank spaces or duplcates of players on the GCA highscore, making it pretty much useless.

greatapo 3 years ago

We plan to redesign it a little better :)


Gladiatus simulator and 10 server in bulgaria?

ma4oka 3 years ago • updated by greatapo 3 years ago 1

Hello, can you please update the gladiatus simulator, because now it doesn't have the newest 10 server?