Atualização não funciona.

donimachado 4 years ago updated by greatapo 4 years ago 2

Apos a atualização. parou de funcionar, não aparece nada... tentei reinstalar, não adiantou. Procuro nas extensões, ele existe, mas não aparece.... como resolver ?


The temporary GCA version 3.2.0 is an update for the Gladiatus version 2.1.2 (the latest).

Not all Gameforge's servers are updated to this version.
Please check on the bottom of your gladiatus page the game version before updating.

For those that have already update their addon, downgrade to 3.1.4, or you can run the older addon version on Chromium browser (Google Chrome open source version)
Chromium : https://download-chromium.appspot.com/
Addon v3.1.4 : http://gladiatuscrazyaddon.tk/index.php?mode=download

(download the addon, open chromium browser, go to extension on settings, check the developer option, drag and drop the addon file from your downloads into the browser window, accept installation)