Things that don't work in version 3.2.1 (FF) - PLEASE FIX

Andreas Niebuhr 4 years ago updated by greatapo 4 years ago 7

1. Enable merchants highlight items you can buy - doesn't work!

2. Enable expired packages warning - doesn't work!

3. Remember merchants and inventory tabs - doesn't work!

4. Display merchants timer - doesn't work, shows "N/A"!

5. Pantheon is always showing "New"!

i hope you can fix these very important features fast :)

1. Works for me

2. not sure

3. Works for me

4. Works for me (if that's the yellow bar under the merchant tab)

5. Works normally for me

try uninstalling and installing the addon again it might fix these issues

uninstalling and reinstalling changed nothing... deleting cache, cookies everything... no change... all these things don't work...

All 3.2.X version are just for comparability so that you can still use some of the add-on's features.

some features work, right. thats why i showed up the features that are not working! same with version 3.2.2, the same things again still not working... why? whtas this update for???

3.2.2 was a fix for the url change.
The addon was not loading at all.

as you can see in my comments, that's not the problem that i have... in my case it was always loading...