Simulator not working?

linzy 4 years ago updated by greatapo 4 years ago 5

the gladiatussimulator.tk is not working for me. It always says "Player not found" even though i enter the correct information. This stopped working like 2 weeks ago? Can you fix ?

Simulator was updated to support new urls ("s1-en" and not "s1.en") 3 days ago.
Servers with old gladiatus version (with the old url) will have to wait for their update.

If you still have problems with the simulator today, please report them :)

It still won't work for me. Says "Player not found" for anything i input. I'm on the UK server so they do have the updated urls. I'm 100% sure the information is correct, I've tried deleting cookies and cache, and tried to use it in IE browser without any success.


I found the problem.

http request was redirected to https lossing the post data.

:) Thanks for reporting it.