Update 2.5.2_pl2

TitusLivius 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

Since this update works the GCA, severely limited.

In profile, I can not adjust to my needs the addon.

Request for change of you

Hi, i confirm that. In Romanian servers the Gladiatus Crazy Addon it doesn't work at all. Please fix this problem.

Czech version - chrome - ADDON dysfunctional.

We are working on a fix :)

We fixed all problems, we work in preparing the addon package for each browser.

Thanks a lot.

I would like to ask when will [v4.0.0]?
We are looking forward.

Me too but as soon as we make 1 step we have to go back 2 ...
The good thing is that we did throw some code from the version 4 on the last 2-3 versions but this is only for some small fixes.
The things that bugs on v3 do also bug on v4...

Thanks for the Fix....