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Razec[AoC] 4 years ago updated by DarkThanos 3 years ago 10

firefox addon this a problem ?? realized download version 3.2.4. and arises following mesage - it was not possible to install add-on because it seems to be damaged. Grateful

Try to right click "save link as ..." and save it and then drag it inside the firefox.
I tried it and do install with no problem.

Stil same error after "save link" and drag-and-drop... http://prntscr.com/crty5l

what anti-virus are you using?

Some anti-viruses cause problems.
Reference : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1095256

i have Avast, but i put it disable when i try to install the addon

I will try to find the problem.

Same problem at my side..

Un-ortodox method to resolve this problem:


1. download GCA extension in your PC - last one(www.gladiatuscrazyaddon.tk/versions/)

2. find your GCA extension which is already installed in your firefox, usually: (C:\Users\#####\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\$$$$$$$$.default\extensions). Where ##### is your computer name and $$$$$$ is firefox profile name

3. make a backup of GCA old extension.

4. open both GCA extension with unzip/unrar etc.

5. copy all files from GCA new extension in old GCA extension, DATA directory.

6. close all pages

7 open firefox

And now you have the latest version.

What firefox version are you using? (Anyone who face this problem)

As for the @mim1985 's solution, if you want to load the addon from the source code, there is an easier solution.
  1. Download the addon file
  2. Remame the file to .zip
  3. Unzip the addon somewhere you can find it
  4. Open firefox
  5. Open the Add-ons window (about:addons)
  6. Click the settings icon at the top right
  7. Select debug addon (about:debugging)
  8. Click the "Load Temporary Add-on" at the top right
  9. Find the addon folder and click on the "manifest.json"

(The addon will load as a new addon, so remove or disable any older version you have installed)