Update 2.6.3_pl2

HaMiWi 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3


For me this works with the
"Enable merchants highlight items you can buy"
not. After updating to GCA 3.2.6 it worked, unfortunately only briefly.
Do not know why it does not work anymore.
Guild jail layout fixed does not work anymore.
GCA uninstalled, cache and cookies cleared.
GCA installed. No purpose, the above functions I have not.
thank you

I have 1409 gold on my hand as on the screen.

The GCA shows me, however, that I can buy this amulet.


It is weard, because they are working on the 3 gladiatus servers I play.

I found the reason.

As soon as you bring a stack to the dealer,

The GCA shows the wrong item.

I have only 2,000 gold on hand.

Without stack