First of all, GCA is not "Illigal"... we do not break any law or something ...

If gameforge bans player for using it, we can't do anything.

We created the addon to make the game better, but it is not our game.

From my personal view,
1. Gameforge have a very stupid administration system over gladiatus, where players are admins. These admins have the authority to ban peaple as they want (if the rules have loopholes).

2. From the first version of the addon some servers claimed to ban players for using it.
3. The main game rule say "any 3rd party script is bannable" and this addon is a 3rd party script. All your browser addons are 3rd party scripts, your adblocker is a 3rd party script...
4. If gameforge officialy announce that the addon is banned (not some volunteer admin) it's ok. I will still use it untill my player is banned :P
5. I personany don't want anyone to get banned, gameforge knows this addon exist and they had contacted us in the past for changes, if they have a problem they can email us.

PS: Gameforge should focus more on fixing bugs than banning addons... I don't know why... but I have seen some very stupid noobish mistakes in the gladiatus code.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will do the same (I will use it untill my player get banned)

I share your opinion about gameforge administration :)

I think they wan't to shut down all severs by players inactivity, people are tired of their stupid bugs and new updates which doesn't help us at all..

In my country i asked my board administrator about these addon and the answear was : It is legal, so i'm gonna use your addon in the future...

PS. Addon needs a few updates to improve our game.... :)