Auction timer - Czech server 29

aureliuz 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3


I've been playing on s29 (Czech republic) for a few weeks now and I am quite sad about not seeing the auction timer/notification in the header. Is this a known issue?

The notification works on other servers, I tried s28 and I see it there. Tried it on Chrome and Firefox, same results - see it on s28, not on s29.

No, we are not aware of that :/ and it should be working... 
Double check that the option is on (you probably done that)
Check also if there is an error on the console (you can open the console by presing F12, search for red text)

Sorry for the late answer.

We cant reproduce the problem. Please report back if you encounter it again.

Oh hey, sorry for not responding. The auction timer seems to be working now, thank you :)

There are problems with the auction itself, bunch of errors in console, but I read in another topic that should be fixed soon, so I'm just gonna wait. Thanks for your work!