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Simulator in "non UK" servers

Jeks 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3
The simulator (http://gladiatussimulator.tk/) is working great in UK server but in the others it doesn't find my account at all ("attacked was not found")..
However this earlier one (http://gladiatuscrazyaddon.tk/index.php?mode=simulator) finds the account in every server so maybe you could fix this new one? :)
Well I did not notice that capital letters matters too :) but still this doesn't find my account from Finnish server. (the older one does)
Under review
Please provide us with the player name and server so we can locate the bug :)

The simulator is not Case Sensitivity (g and G are the same). Please, give us the details both of your accounts.
In german server (201 speed) I tried this with an old account :) username: ronsku
In simulator: "Ronsku" -> user not found but with "ronsku" -> works good. (so it seems case sensitivity matters :) the same is in the UK server too)
In finnish server (province 9) simulator won't find a single player. You can try this with any of the users there. for example username "Ann". (this simulator finds corretly http://gladiatuscrazyaddon.tk/index.php?mode=simulator)