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Confusing description of moving tooltip fix

Tom Navrátil 5 years ago updated by greatapo 5 years ago 1
In the settings, there is an option with this title: "Fix the moving tooltip problem (for left to right servers, ex. Arabic)". This is a nonsense, because Arabic is right to left. Because of this, it is not clear for me whether the fix applies to left-to-right or right-to-left servers.
Under review
OMG, you are absolutely right... I never noticed that we wrote the opposite :P thanks for reporting!

About the feature:
When Gameforge made the right to left version of the game they did a terrible job with the tooltips. When you mouse over at the end of an item, the tooltip appears on the right of the item (like normal servers) and then if you move your cursor a little more the tootltip changes to the left (where it should have been). This options makes tooltips appear from the start in the left side.