Display extended HP and XP header

HaMiWi 6 years ago updated by greatapo 6 years ago 12
Hi there,
since the update to 1.5.1 the switchover from
Display extended HP and XP header info anymore.
Whether the hook has been set or not.
see Screen

sorry is a bug, no idea
Sorry einfach löschen, den Thread hier.
War im falschen Film..Sorry
Under review
Well, it is supposed not to exceed the 99 hours without been attacked...
The times "188:43:32" and "147:01:49" are 1 digit bigger "00:00:00" that is why the style is messed up...
Hello greatapo,
Yes it is as you say.

it would be great if you would consider the next update.
If it were possible ...
Thank you so much ...
Fixed it. 2 more px in the box width and the problem is solved ;)
Hello Apo,

GCA 3.1.0 installed, but the error still exists.
Browser: Opera 23.0

Enclosed Screen ..

Hi there, I do not know why:
But it works, the times are displayed correctly.
Sorry greeting
Maybe it was cashed... :)
Hello Apo,

Now I have in the arena and over 100 hrs., no attack, since the display is no longer true ... unfortunately.


I can attack me in both arenas.
In five days I'll get back here if the bug still exists.
wish a nice weekend
Hello Apo,

the bug is still there.
See screen.
Browser: Opera
Crap... it seems like i forgot to update the css file...
Sorry, the fix will be in the next release.