Packages: Automatic repacking of all packages

Imants Horsts 6 years ago updated by DarkThanos 5 years ago 4

Idea: Allow player to automatically repack all his packages one by one using guild market.


  • user should be in guild
  • user should have at least one 6-block space free in his inventory page


  • click appropriate button in packages page. Should confirm this action, because it can take long time to repack 100-200 pages (x4) of items.


  1. check preconditions, if OK, then
  2. navigate to last page of user packages
  3. move last (not soulbound and not gold) item into players inventory free space
  4. move (sell) this item in guild market for price 1 gold
  5. cancel this offer (item will be moved back in players inventory)
  6. continue this in loop from step 2 forward until all packages (except gold and soulbound items) are repacked.

Only to automate the entire process will be difficult, but can make the second click with the left mouse on the things that she has moved into a backpack / dealer.


Why it'll be difficult? Everything can be done in background while script runs. Script simply should remember repacked items ID and then there shouldn't be problems to find it.

And also I forgot to mention 1 very important thing.

I definitely want that my packages will be exactly in the same order (except soulbound items and gold of course) then before. That's because order of my "packed" items is very very important for me. For me first goes all Ichorus amulets, then rings, then Gaius amulets/rings, then Lucius, then Shoes (Ichorus, Gaius, Lucius ...), then Gloves and at the end some gold-packing jewelry in decreasing order of it's value in gold. That's my order and I need that to be organized and able to easily find needed item.

Keep in mind that such features may ban the addon.