Auction status no more.

HaMiWi 6 years ago updated by greatapo 6 years ago 7
Since today the 06.08.2014 13:36 there is an update version 1.15.1.
Since then, the Auction status no more.


Under review
We also got the update but it is working... the only problem is the color that is now brown and not white...
I have fixed it in my local/alpha version...

It is still not working for you?
(if yes, i would like to have your auction page source code in http://pastebin.com/, it doesn't matter which page)
Yes is brown not white.
Thanks for the tip.
I've been using the GCA version 3.0.9.
Where can I find the Alpha version
Thank you ...

P.S.: This paste has been removed!
You can find the alpha version in my PC :P
I haven't release it yet...
Sorry, I do not know what you're saying.
Have a PC or programming no idea ...

My knowledge of English is very bad, I'm from Germany ...

Ich werde die version mit dem fix bald veröffentlichen
Ich spreche Deutsch ein bißchen :)
Vielen vielen Dank für deine schnelle Bearbeitung.