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The Experience point counter on the top left does not work correct

Der Dwalin 5 years ago updated by greatapo 5 years ago 3

as shown on the screenshot, it counts way too many xp. 
it shows the same amount of collected xp on every of my accounts. 
but even when i count all xp of all my accounts together its less xp then shown here
Under review
Sorry for the late reply, i took care of some other bugs...

My guess is that there may be some problems with your previous tracker data.
I thought there wouldn't be but anyway, try deleting all the GCA settings (all your GCA settings will return to default).
Here is how:
- Press F12
- Click the tab "Console"
- paste (ctrl+v from keyboard) this command


and press enter...
i tried. it says "undefinde".
but it didnt work. i also re-installed the gca. this did also not help.
Yes, it is supposed to say undefind because of the missing data.
Let's see how it's going to be in 7 days :)