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I share your opinion about gameforge administration :)

I think they wan't to shut down all severs by players inactivity, people are tired of their stupid bugs and new updates which doesn't help us at all..

In my country i asked my board administrator about these addon and the answear was : It is legal, so i'm gonna use your addon in the future...

PS. Addon needs a few updates to improve our game.... :)

Ok. I agree with you, as long as it eases our work and better use of smelter (not to lose time between melting objects) .

Thanks, now it works ok :)

thanks, very usefull

Hi, i confirm that. In Romanian servers the Gladiatus Crazy Addon it doesn't work at all. Please fix this problem.

good answer. danus want to leave his pc and his caracter stiil play alone :)) that is not right....

here it is more than 1000 :) , please fix this problem/bug